Why is my wife's Living Std/ Adult in Survivor's Report less than half of mine?

Granted, I am 13 years older than her; but basically we want to leave everything to each other. Is there is some assumption input that maybe I have entered that is causing this?


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The program is creating a life insurance recommendation so that each person as survivor will have the same living standard or higher that he or she had when both were alive. That said, a living standard of one or the other could be much higher if he or she is the larger wage earner or something like that. It's also possible that a survivor's living standard can be temporarily lower than the benchmark standard when both are alive--and then go up later. This phenomenon can be remedied by bumping up the change in living standard of survivor in the Estate area of the program.

In other words, don't compare her survivor living standard to your survivor living standard. Compare her survivor living standard to her living standard in the main reports when you were both alive. That's what the term insurance is assuring.

You can ask for her living standard to go up (or down) in the event of your death by changing that setting in the Estate area.

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Thanks. I will look into what you suggest.

With respect to the survivor's living standard being temporarily lower, then increasing, I've found that it's sensitive to special expenses in the survivor's economy. If you remove all of the survivor's contingent special expenses, you may well see the survivor's standard of living flatten out without resorting to changing the living standard in Estate.

Granted, it might not be realistic to remove those special expenses. I could, by assuming they'd come out of discretionary spending. In my case, I could; in your case, maybe you can't.

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