Why do some income in some years deviate from the input?

After entering specific income for work years I see a minor discrepancy in the amount in the pdf report. For some reason the last 2-3 years income is less than that inputted by a small and seemingly arbitrary amount. This was consistent for each person (a couple). It shows in the suggestions and detail sections. I note that the correct amount is listed in the inputs/assumptions section.


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Tom, I'm a bit unclear here. You are referring to labor income I believe. You input say 100,000 in income and you say that in the Total Income report under Labor Earnings you see some income less than that 100K?

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Exactly. I have attached the pdf report for your review. Note that I observed two inconsistencies. (previous question on special E/R). In this report you will see that incomes in 2025 & 2026 are incorrect for both persons. You will also notice in spending that the corresponding retirement deduction is similarly incorrect.

In regard to Special E&R, I did input E&R in the last year of life. One of the E's is listed in the report( $75,000), but others are not (1940+2750). As well, the R's are not reported in that last year.

regards, Tom

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I removed the pdf since I realized that it is available to everyone. Let me know if you want me to send it via another avenue. Email?

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Sure. Send it to me at dan @ economicsecurityplanning.com

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