Why aren't special expenditures reported in last year

I observe that some special expenditures and receipts for the last year of life are not reported as spending / income. What are the guidelines for these in the last year? Are they dependent on a month? For instance, if the birth month of an individual is early in the year that is considered?


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I don't believe you can add special expenses or receipts in the last year. This may have to do with the annual accounting of the program. If you are seeing E or R in the last year, I'm curious how they got there. Perhaps I'm missing something. They are not month sensitive.

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The program provides for entries in the last year of life. In a sense, the last year is just another year like any other. Clearly there is potential for both income and spending in the last year. So, why not special E & R?

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I'll investigate further.

I definitely have special expenses in my terminal year. I have no problem adding them directly or by growing an earlier special expense into the terminal year, and it appears as expected on reports.

I do not have special receipts in the terminal year and have not tried.

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Now that I look at it again based on what Chris said, I think what is happening is that the UI is showing a list of years to choose from that includes one extra year beyond the actual final year. This is leading one to think that the final year does not work. But in fact, choose the year before the final year listed (the real final year), and all works fine. In other words, make sure you are really choosing the final year not the year after the final year. This is a little bug in the UI but it doesn't prevent you from doing what you want to do so long as you note the real final year. We'll get this fixed.

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