Where is the old "How Do I" section info


For example, the case study "Pay Off Your Mortgage" at http://www.esplanner.com/case-studies/pay-your-mortgage says "ESPlanner can also be used to consider gradually paying off your mortgage, but doing so more rapidly than originally scheduled. Go to click How Do I? and you’ll see an easy way to consider this option using ESPlanner." I'm interested in knowing how to do this in ESPlanner. Thanks!


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I think "how do I?" may have been how some users introduced their questions in the old forum. That's a good idea to add that to the case studies.

In the case of modeling a refinance or quicker paydown on the mortgage, you can "save as" a copy of your family profile (or write over the existing one) and in the area where you enter monthly payment, balance, and years remaining enter the new numbers. I typically use the mortgage calculator at BankRate.com to fine a new mortgage payment at a given time frame and interest rate, but those calculators are not hard to find. You might also want to enter some closing costs if applicable as a one-time special expenditure but often those have negligible over the long term.

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