Where are the Recent Forum comments ?


In the new web site I can't find where I can look at the most recent forum comments. I really liked that on the old web site. I would look at it every day to keep up on what people are asking and learn from it. Please tell me how to access it or if it is unavailable, please put it back.


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With this new migration, we are trying to start fresh and abandon the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of posts that are now irrelevant because of fixes, enhanced user interface, etc. This seemed to be the best model we looked at, but it can still be further developed. The "new" button in that filter at the top will show you only the posts that you have not yet looked at, but given your comment I will see if I can also create as "recent posts" list in a block at the right or in some other convenient place.

I am also still working on pulling over the "best of" or the most relevant forum questions from the old site. I migrated another five this morning, but I'm still digging through them.

I hope this helps. And I'll look for a way to show recent--especially if you feel that "new" filter is not good enough.

Is there a way to retain the filter of New/Unread when returning to the Question Forum rather than having to reenter the check box and search each time?

Overall I like the new format, but like all changes it takes a bit of "getting used to".

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Yes, maybe so. Let me see if I can get that filter choice to be "remembered." I am curious as I type this whether that "new and unread" applies just to new posts, or does a post become "new" when a new comment is added. I'll need to look a that too. I think it's "new" even when new commet is added to an "old" (i.e., already viewed) post.

Thanks. I am a little red faced because I noticed the recent comments are right on the Question Forum page in front of my nose and I guess I didn't notice at first. Anyway, thanks for the info. For me, the forum is one of the best things about ESPlanner. I have learned more from it than any other documentation. Its understandable that you want to weed out the out-of-date posts (which must be a big job), but I hope you keep info that is still relevant. I search this forum all the time to get answers.

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Ha! No, actually I put that there this morning because of your suggestion. It was a great idea. It's a little hard to think of things in the abstract (what will users want to see here, here, or there?). But once you begin using, then you can see. This is a good example of that. So I put that list up at the right. It basically is just showing the most recent 10 Questions ordered by the ones that have been commented on most recently first. I could do 5, 8, or more than 10. But 10 seemed about right.

If you have any more good ideas, please let me know. I like this set up a bit better, partly because I like the idea of users with the questions building the categories (topics at right) rather than the users trying to stuff every question into a admin-designed category. The ones that are most used could be sorted to the top of that list, but for now the alphabetical sort on those seemed easier to read.

Yes, I'm going to be going back through the forum to try to pull more of that old content that is still good. Some of it though--much of it--is along the lines of question, then Kotlikoff says "call me." :)

I like the "Recent Comments" list on the right. Its convenient and I don't have to click a link to see it like the old web site. You might want to fix the spelling error on the heading (Comment instead of Coment) if you haven't already done so. It would be nice if you could put a "More…" link at the bottom in case you want to see more than 10. It would also be really nice, if possible, if you could provide a link to the old forum that we could search until you get old content merged into the new forum. Even though there was so much obsolete and extraneous stuff in the old forum it was still a goldmine of info that I miss already.

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The "more" link was easy--thanks for that. And thanks for that spell check. Ugh. The access to the other forum is harder to do since it's really access to the entire site, which we've taken offline. I could put it online (it's at a separate URL) but not sure the implications of that. I'd have to ask a colleague here about that. I know I could put it online for a few hours or a day, but I'd not like to leave it live because of search engines etc that would begin to index it. Another user, Brian V., expressed some interest in the old forum, so perhaps we could mark a time to go pull out some select content that I could then migrate over. Maybe you could help with that. Let me think this through a bit. Thanks for all your suggestions. I've thought about smaller text maybe on that "recent comment" list. I did add the filter by user. And I think that as more content and "tags" are created it will get more interesting as the tag cloud gets bigger. I think I have it set at 50 terms now (i.e., show 50 terms then "more" link). The parenthesis shows the number of posts that use that tag.

Assuming you have the means to identify topics on the old site by date of the initial message, consider selecting for those less than 6 months old, and with more than a certain minimum number of responses. Suppress the rest and leave the old site available for a couple of months by way of link from this site.

As this site gets new traffic and messages, the value of the old one declines. Retire it then. That's an arbitrary decision but could be influenced by maintenance costs.

I think you can suppress web indexing by certain keywords in the header of the web page? That assumes the web crawlers respect that, though.

As far as which topics on the old forum had the most helpful info, I would say Monte Carlo. Its is one of the most challenging things to understand, I think. I went through every post on in that topic a year or two ago and ended up writing a comprehensive document from them. There was so much more there than what is in the help manual, but it was hard to pick out what seemed accurate and up to date (had to experiment a lot). Also, conversions to Roth has a lot of posts in the old forum that helped me, and I still see a lot of posts recently on that. I would have to think IRA conversions is one of the top requests for new enhancements. Thanks for your attention to the suggestions to improve site.

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Those are good leads. And I agree that those are both big topics. I'll search on those.

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