what are the negative numbers next to social security file dates?

I am now 60, my wife is 59. We do not plan to take social security until we are each 70. Next to my retirement file date (2/1/27) ESPlanner shows a negative number (-29) and next to hers (-32). The same negative numbers are next to our spousal file dates and widow/widowers dates on the social security report page.

How should I interpret these numbers?


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You mean to the right of the fields where you enter your file date? Those numbers should reflect the age corresponding to the date chosen. If not, you should check your birth date entered in the main setup. It sounds like the database is messed up somehow.

If you create a support ticket and upload your database, I can take a look.

Or if you are just starting and haven't spent too much time yet on that database or feel you can recreate it quickly, then create a new family and reenter the data. Jump right to that SS area and make sure it looks correct, and then delete that old family that seems to have the problem. This approach might get you going quicker.

Dan, I don't think this is a one off issue. I've had the same numbers in my files for three years. For myself and for my clients. Whether I create a new database file or use one from five years ago. It is so blatant that I never reported it, figured you'd heard about it several times and if no one fixed it that it was very low priority and not likely to get worked on.
You might want to survey some more users to see if it is rare or, as I believe, a prevalent issue.


To be clear, I am referring to the PDF reports.
Look for the page titled "Social Security".
I always see negative numbers here. The numbers are equal to (Age at Death minus Age to Collect SS)

Retirement File Date: 08/01/2035 (-30) 08/01/2033 (-32)
maximum age of life is 95 (DOB 1965)
maximum age of life is 99 (DOB 1966)

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Oh, OK. I hardly ever have a reason to look at the Inputs and Assumptions pages.

Mine say 2/1/2028 (69) and 10/1/2022 (70).

I interpret this as just showing the age that each spouse will be in those years. So the parenthesis is not indicating a negative number but rather just "by the way" information.

So it would seem then that negative numbers within those parenthesis would be wrong since nobody is a negative age. I'm sure our engineer would like to see a database of one that is showing a negative number within a parenthesis like this (-69) instead of (69) which is what it should show if the person is 69 years old when they take SS.

If you find that, perhaps you could create a support ticket with database for us to look at.

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