Variable annuity in an IRA

I have a variable annuity in an IRA. Under what asset do I place the value of that annuity.



Even though the annuity is in an IRA, it may make sense to input this into the Pensions and Annuities tab under annuities to more accurately model this.

If you do place it under Retirement Assets, there is minimal difference between inputting it as a 401k, SEP, IRA, or other. I wouldn't input it as Employer Accounts or Roth unless it specifically has a Roth tax treatment somehow.


I also have a Variable Annuity but it is non-qualified and not subject to Required Minimum Distributions (I just found out). I purchased it 18 years ago with with taxed dollars, so only the earnings are tax deferred. I have not yet chosen to annuitize, but when I do part of the payments will be taxable and part will not be taxable.

I never knew how to model this in ESPlanner (before deciding to annuitize), so I just called it an IRA since most of the money is tax deferred (because of the growth over 18 years). But that now that I realize RMDs don't apply, I really need to get this entered correctly in ESPlanner because my RMDs will be miscalculated and the taxes will also be miscalculated. I probably won't annuitize for 10 or more years from now. At that time, it will probably be easier to do in ESPlanner. But between now and then, I am not sure how it should be entered.

Can anyone give suggestions on how to do this ?



Please use the special receipts screen to enter the flows you expect from the variable annuity. Also, indicate the taxable status of this income. My cell is 617 834 2148 if you have additional questions. best, Larry

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