Update Fund Results for 2015

I added my mutual funds for the monte carlo analysis for the years through 2014. I tried to go back into the mutual fund and add 2015 results but when adding the year and clicking update, it will not let me. I sure hope I dont have to add the assets again and go through the entire process. Is there an easy way to add 2015 results when the year is over. Thanks. Jim


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I will find out what's going on with that.

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I asked Darryl, our engineer that handles this stuff. He wrote:


The available years are limited by the data years in the cash asset. This is needed as the value from the cash asset is used to convert a nominal return to real.

The update scheduled for the first week of January will include a preliminary 2015 value for cash so users may add 2015 returns to their UDAs at that time. A release later in Q1 may adjust the 2015 inflation value since the one included in January will only be based on 11 months.

The January release will also include initial tax and Social Security updates.


Perfect, thanks for the quick response.

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