Trial Version of Maxifi Planner


I have several relatives that could really benefit from using Maxifi but can not convince them to try it because they don't want to spend $95 to try it. Have you thought about offering a trial period or a money back guarantee? I know some unscrupulous customers - not my relative - would run a few cases then want their money back. However, I believe those who realize how valuable the program can be will recognize that they need to use it every year and will not just try it and walk away.
Without a trial/money back option I don't know what more I can do to convince friends/relatives to buy your program. Maybe you have some suggestions.
James Mavrogenis


I would also like to know the cost of buying Maxifi when one has already purchased ESPLanner Plus. Is there a discount?

dan royer's picture

Sure, here's a $20 valued coupon code for ESPlanner customers switching to MaxiFI Planner:


New customers we ask to pay the full price and not use that coupon.

James, we are certianly good for a 30-day money back promise. Tell them I said I'm good for it. If they wait much longer than 30 days to request a refund it can become a problem because of the say PayPal handles refunds.


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