Transferring Database to Second Computer


I just purchased a laptop and wanted to have access to ESP which I normally do on the desktop. I have installed ESP on the laptop and copied the database from the desktop and put it in the ESP data folder on the laptop, but when I open ESP on the laptop it is not opening the file. Is there something else I need to do so it finds the database file? Thanks, FMW


Fred, check Help> Customize> Default Database on the laptop. Is that the database you want to open? If not, point it to the file it should open.

I have a home server and store my database on it. My laptop and desktop installations of the software both point to that file. I can open it from both locations. In the interest of not violating the intent of the license agreement, I'm the only person using it and, of course, I don't use both installations at the same time. I don't know if the the file supports sharing, anyway.

I hope this helps.

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Did it perhaps give the database a new name when you copied it into the folder? But Chris's point is right--look at the Help/Customize database pathname.


That did it. Thanks,

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