Survivor Reports

My survivor reports for both me and my wife show a substantial negative number in the regular assets column. Where is this coming from?

Chris Fahey


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Are you allowing borrowing in your Assumptions?


Update. When I remove funeral expenses ($8000) for each of us the deficits in Regular Assets disappear. These deficits were not small ($350,000 in my case and $250,000 in my wife's). I suspect a bug but I would be surprised to find I am the first to discover this.

Chris F

No. In fact, how would I borrow in assumptions

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Sorry for my delay. The borrowing limit is there in the Assumptions screens as "Maximum indebtedness." (it's generally not used). What you are seeing doesn't sound right. I can try to recreate in a database or I may have you create a support ticket if you want Darryl, our programmer, to investigate.

I'll save you the trouble of creating a database and send you mine via a support ticket. You should see it shortly.

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Got it. Thanks.

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