Suggest ESP provide an option to input an investment management fee percentage.

I would like to see the option to input an investment management fee percentage which would show as a spend item in the reports. This would naturally reduce the SOL.
History: In the build-up to retirement, I considered this fee to be just part of my investments and although I was certainly aware of it, I didn't consider it as a spend item in my Quicken spend tracking because I lived off my work income and this fee is paid from my investments. NOW, as I enter retirement and my income is from my investments, this fee is a significant spend item that will compete with other items in my SOL.


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You could certainly add a series of payments under Special Expenditures to handle that.

True, but since the fee is a percentage of the managed assets, it gets a little complicated as the assets are reduced or increased by varying amounts on a year-on-year basis. My thought is that a computation within the program would be doable.

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Why don't you just adjust the return on your investments to offset the percentage you are getting charged? This approach should be fairly accurate.

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I was going to suggest the same . . . if you are paying 1% fee, just drop your expected return in Assumptions down a full percentage point. That would nail it.

Agreed this would work for an assumed return however I'm using Monte Carlo. I appreciate your comments and for me at the point of retirement, I am now aware of the impact and will adjust accordingly. It was quite a surprise to realize that this 1% fee works out to be about 16% of the available consumption. Having this as an input that results in a line item in the total spending report would help future users to realize this impact earlier in the process.

Do I hear Jack Bogle chuckling somewhere?

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