State tax Calculaton for South Carolina


I have gotten much out of the use of ESPlanner over the years, so thanks!
The federal tax calculation have always been spot on to my actuals, when I account for differences in Cap Gains and Interest. However, I have never been able to reconcile the state tax. In SC the taxable amount equals: Fed taxable amount plus Munis that were not taxed by the feds, minus, taxable SS, minus 529 contributions, minus 44% of LTCG and minus $30,000 for a couple filing as age 65 or older. Whether I set the Muni percentage (Assumption tab, taxes) to zero, 100% or in between I still can't get the numbers to reconcile. Am I missing something?


Please open a support ticket, upload your database, explain what you calculate for 2015 SC taxes, and I'll take a look at it.

btw, you didn't list the State tax addback as a plus.

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