Start, Stop, and Start Social Security Strategy

I am 58 and have two children age 8. I'd like to start social security at age 62, suspend it after FRA, and start it up again at age 70.
How do I do this in ESPlanner Plus?


You can't directly model Start/Stop/Restart in ESPlanner. However, you can use special receipts and expenses to model it.
You can start you Social Security retirement benefit at age 62 on the Social Security screen, add special receipts for each child from when you file until they reach 18 or graduate from High School, add a special receipt for child-in-care spouse's benefits while there is at least one child under age 16, add a expense that eliminates you retirement benefit between your FRA and age 70, then add a special receipt at age 70 to reflect the increase in your retirement benefit.

Our other product, Maximize My Social Security, will tell you what your optimal filing strategy is, including Start/Stop/Restart as appropriate. It will also tell you the amount of each benefit.


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