Special Expenditures do not appear to match inputs

I have the following entered as special expenditures for 2015

50,000 9,600 4,800 = 64,400 -- the report from calculation comes up with a special expenditure of 84,647 for 2015. Other years appear to be correct.


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Is there a 529 contribution? Those also show up in Special Expenditures.


Relative to 529 -- where are contributions entered. I don't think I have ever entered any but I can't find what tab they are on to check to make sure it is zero.

There's a 529 Plans section under each profile, between Special and Assumptions.

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There must be some other items that appear in Special Expenditures that I'm forgetting. Or perhaps it's a 2014-15 rolloever issue. If you create a support ticket and upload your database, I could investigate further.

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I don't know how many things you have in there, but perhaps remove the 2015 items and run to see what shows up. Nothing? Then re-add those items for 2015 and see what happens. You are looking for an expense of 20,247.

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