Some suggestions for changes to site and software

Not that you asked but in my first few days, here's a few things I've thought of...

1. When trying to print the "total income" tab in the excel reports, the print area is set to excluded the last column which is "total income"; probably a minor adjustment. It happens every time I go to print; I re-set the print area but this can probably be fixed as part of a future update.
2. When you look at improvements for your forum, I would suggest:
a. Sending an e-mail to the person who posed the question when an answer is posted.
b. Allowing a person interested in a conversation to subscribe to that conversation so they can follow along.
3. Allowing a user to "hide" some of the menu items within a profile. for example, all of my children are out of college so 529 plans is of no interest. I don't have a vacation home, so same thing. It clutters up the screen and option and would be nice to give the user the option of excluding from the list.

I'm sure longer term users have much better ideas but these are mine fromt he first few days.




dan royer's picture

Thanks Steve. We'll investigate.

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