Social Security Full Retirement Age

I am reading Kotlikoff, Moeller, and Solman's 2015 book on Social Security. Here are two questions about details that I cannot find answers to in the book.

1. For a person who will be 66 on May 22, 2015, does Social Security consider that he/she will achieve full retirement age (FRA) in May or in June?

2. Then, let's say that the person files for a restricted spousal benefit upon reaching FRA (assume all SS criteria are met), will the first payment be made in (a) the month that benefits are requested to begin or (b) the following month?

Thanks for clarifying these details.


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I'll ask Mike or Larry to comment. I believe, however, that when you look at the dates listed in the SS input area in ESPlanner, that those are the dates that ESPlanner takes to be FRA. I'm not sure about your second question. Again, I'll ask someone who knows to come take a look.

1. You attain FRA in May, which means you can become entitled in May.
2. You will receive your first check in Jun since Social Security pays one month in arrears.

Be be sure you input receipt dates, not entitlement dates, into ESPlanner.

That answered my questions. Thanks.

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