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We were grandfathered under the new rules. My wife filed and suspended (until her 70th birthday) her benefits by the end of 2015. I filed for a spousal benefit upon turning 66 in May 2016. I now receive a monthly payment. I will file for my benefits on my 70th birthday. I have tried many permutations but cannot discover how to input this properly. The reports omit any spousal benefit no matter what. What should I do?


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It is tricky. Make sure that just one of you is "suspending" and in both cases the benefit to file is 70--even the one who suspended. Then the one that is suspended mark that date. If you can't figure it out, create a support ticket and I'll help you.

I am still struggling. This situation is, again: (1) Kathy filed and suspended at the end of 2015 (having turned 66 in September). I filed for a spousal benefit in May 2016 (having turned 66) and began receiving the benefit in June. I have not filed for any other benefit and expect to wait until 70. Attached is a file showing the social security settings (which seem to reflect this data). However, the report shows no spousal benefit and an unexpected benefit for Kathy in 2016 (but none thereafter until she turns 70 in 2019). How should I change the inputs?

Here is the report extract.

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Nick, it looks right to me, but I would have to look at the database and try myself. I would just be sort of guessing to give advice looking at it. Can you upload your database to a support ticket and let me give it a shot?


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I have the database and will take a look.

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According to the inputs, Nick has a non-covered pension so the GPO wipes out his spousal benefit. If that pension is entered as "covered" then the spousal benefits appear.

Thanks, Dan. It works now. Surprised that the pension information was incorrectly entered.

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