Smooth Withdrawals and Contingent Plans

Under the "Retirement Accounts -> Key Ages" tab in ESPlanner, I've configured smooth withdrawals from my retirement accounts to begin at age 60 and end when I turn 69. However, under a contingent plan I want to model if my spouse died before me, I'd want my smooth withdrawals to start at age 60 but continue until my death.

Is there a way to change (or override) the beginning and ending ages for smooth withdrawals when contingency planning?

If there is, I can't seem to find it. If there isn't, can it please be added in a future release?

Thank you!


dan royer's picture

You are right: those key ages can't be changed in the survivor reports. Of course you could clone the profile, change the key dates, and then run a survivor report. And, yes, I can ask if this is a feature we might add.

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