Should we be expecting an update to ESPlanner?


I'm wondering if there should be updates for 2020 tax rates, medicare, social security, etc. Seems the current version (2.38.6) is close but not exact, but maybe that's good enough?


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I checked with the engineering team. That should all be updated by the end of the month.


Thanks Dan! Do you know whether the updates planned for the end of the month will also include changes reflecting the new "SECURE" act passed by congress at the end of the year which, among other things, changed the mandatory RMD age from age 70.5 to 72. Also I believe there was a recent adjustment to the "New Lifetime Table for Calculating RMDs" and I was wondering if that has or will be reflected in the changes for the next software release? Thanks in advance for your support. Joe

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I'm not sure about the lifetime table for RMDs but the other updates, including Secure Act (age 72 RMD) are planned for the end of the month. I can ask about the other.


Thanks Dan!!

Can we assume that the corresponding updates for Maxifi will be the end of the month too? I understand the CE is used for both, so its probably at least partially true.

Is there a place on the Maxifi page that give updates for Maxifi software updates, fixes, etc? If not, can that be added? Or you point me to a web page where that is displayed?

I switched to Maxifi last year, and now when I login a warning comes up notifying me that my ESP license expired, etc. Shouldn't Maxifi users be able to use this forum too since the software is used in both products? Or is there a Maxifi forum I am unaware of?



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Yes, the release notes for MaxiFi are in your My Account area.

or here:

MaxiFi is already updated. The engineers have to do something more to push those updates over to ESPlanner and it appears that ESPlanner updates will delay about 3 or 4 weeks after MaxiFi (which was updated Jan 19). But remember, ESPlanner updates are maintenance fixes and annual tax etc. updates, not feature updates.

Sure, you can use this forum, but we don't have a forum like this in MaxiFi. You can also just use the contact form in MaxiFi or create a support ticket in MaxiFi. We are considering a forum for MaxiFi but that's something we need to revisit.

Thanks Tom,


I strongly urge you to create and support a forum for MaxiFi. The ESPlanner forum has clearly been useful for customers and has provided valuable feedback to ESPlanner, why not do something similar to connect and support customers of MaxiFi, plus support knowledgeable users in helping newbies to the product. :)

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Yes, we have this request on the table. I'll upvote it for you. The plan is to look at this when we update the support ticket system in MaxiFi. There may be a forum option in the new system we adopt and we don't want to create one now and then have to change it when we introduce a new support ticket system.


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