RMD on Non-spouse beneficiary IRA

I need to add a required minimum distribution withdrawal to an ESPlanner Plus plan. The person inherited the IRA after payments had begun. The beneficiary is not yet 70 1/2 and has an IRA of their own. I believe the calculations for the RMD will continue to be different even after age 70 1/2 is reached by the beneficiary. Therefore, the assets need to be kept separate. Where should I enter the "retirement asset - beneficiary IRA value? Currently I am entering the amount in "supplemental retirement accounts". But I don't know if the program will handle distributions automatically from that entry position.


dan royer's picture

If you can calculate the amounts for each year, you can just put them in special receipts. Otherwise, you can't keep them separate from the rest of the qualified retirement accounts. If you put them in supplemental they are combined with all the other account money.

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