Retirement Withdrawal Source (When TIRA, When Roth)

What do I look at to tell the source of a given year's retirement withdrawal, or when it switches from a TIRA or 401K to a Roth, assuming default order of withdrawal? Obviously the program knows the balances of these accounts, but I can't find where they are exposed. It seems like such a basic question that I must be missing something.


You're not missing something. It's not exposed. The retirement account detail report distinguishes the different account types for contributions, but not balances.

I've hit a limit with scheduling special withdrawals in some circumstances. If the income report shows retirement withdrawals less than what you scheduled, the only explanation is that the account type in which it's scheduled was depleted.

At that point you have to try again by reducing the special withdrawal to the amount that was actually withdrawn, then schedule the remainder in that (and subsequent) years from another account type.

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You typically can note the switch to ROTH or away from ROTH by watching the taxes. But otherwise it treats all the rest of the qualified accounts as one pool of money, one that is for each of the couple.

Are there any plans for ESPlanner to include a detail report that would show withdrawals from each type of retirement account? Seeing the drawdown from each account over time would be very helpful.

Thank you for your responses. I agree with spillane01 that it would be very useful to expose the yearly account balances in a detail report. Thanks!

My wish would be a detail report that showed how much was from individual deductible, employer, ROTH, and the RMD amount per person per year. I can readily see the results of changes armed with this information.

Calculating the RMD on the side is time consuming for each run. Looking at the taxes to spot the switch over to ROTH does work but it is easy to be off by a year when the other funds run out mid-year. Spotting the begin/end for employer is more time consuming, especially if your changing the withdraw order (indiv, emp, ROTH) between runs.

I think what we're all asking for is a reporting enhancement, not a functional enhancement. ESP already knows the information but doesn't report it separately in a manner that users can see it easily.

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