Please explain what is "Household Life Insurance Premiums"

Can't seem to find explanation in manual or searching on-line. Can you explain please?


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The life insurance needed is shown in the Annual Suggestions report. The cost of that for each person is shown in the Total Spending report. The amount needed is based on the dollar amount needed in each year for the survivor to have the same per-adult living standard when both were alive.

Thanks. What i didn't pick up is that this is the "total premium=$$$" for the "household". I sometimes struggle with the terminology in the excel tables as to whether a number is a debit, a credit or just a statement of fact since sometimes they are mixed concepts in a spreadsheet. For example the amount of insurance recommended and the cost are both in the same table. Not your programming problem I just need to be more aware of the terminology.

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Yes, I hear you. I take it for granted having worked with it so long.

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