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In ESPlanner vs 2.35.2, on the "Assumptions" page of the PDF report the ages shown for "...Age of First Withdrawal For Retirement Accounts" and "...Age of Last Withdrawal for Retirement Accounts do not match the entries in the "Retirement Accounts/Key Ages" tab.
in the PDF report, My wife's First W/D age is listed as 75, it was actually 72 as required by IRA RMD rules. Both our ages of last W/D is listed as 100. This appears to be "stuck" from an earlier profile run where I set end of life to 100 yrs. However, the PDF with these errors was reset to end of life of 94 yrs for both. I verified that the ages where all report pages end confirms that the program is using 94 yrs as end of life.
James Mavrogenis


dan royer's picture

It's difficult to say without looking at the database via support ticket. What prevails in the calculations is what you see in the actual tables of the report--not what you see in the inputs area under Assumptions--but of course they should reflect the same dates.

You might try a "save as" on the profile to get give it a new name and see if that action resets some of the internal records to realign the Inputs reports to match the actual output reports.

Dan, The "save as" didn't work but what did fix it was to reset all the dates in the "Retirement Accounts/Key Ages" tab. I changed each of the age dates to another year then reset them to the dates I wanted. That worked.

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