I am a home user of ES Planner. Can the program or profile be password protected? I searched the forums and have been unable to find an answer. I need to take my laptop to the computer shop and want to keep the information private. Thanks for the help.


dan royer's picture

That would be a windows issue. I believe there is a way to password protect folders--ah, but a quick google seems to indicate that this would require third-party software. The database is espdatabase.mdb so you could copy that over to a thumb drive or just rename it and thus it would take some effort and interest to invoke it.

If you are concerned don't forget to copy any reports you have generated. Sometimes the program leaves behind an xml file of your data. Suggest copying the entire "MyESPlanner" directory to another drive. ESPlanner also used to leave readable files of user data in the temp directory; don't know if it still does that. None of this will help if true "bad guys" get your machine, they can recover deleted files. Would you be concerned if your laptop were stolen on travel? Better permanent solutions include encryption. I use BestCrypt on my laptop.

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