New feature request "back one" button

It would be great to be able to easily reset your profile to the immediate previous version with a single click on a "back one" button.

Let's say your profile is set and you run a report. This is now the "active" profile. Then you make a change which can be a single variable or much more complex changes and run another report.

If your results are worse with the new "active" profile, you would be able to return to the previous profile after clicking the "back one" button.

The program would "remember" your profile configuration when you run a report. When you next run a report, it would also "remember" that new version. By clicking "back one" (basically a Ctrl Z type functionality), it would save time and accuracy to reset to the previous version.

I don't think it would need to go back more than one version.

Thanks for your consideration.



dan royer's picture

I'll let Darryl know.

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