Monte Carlo Investing-Implement Portfolios

Just working through the Monte Carlo simulations and excited to be getting some data but first have a question about "Implement Portfolios" folder.

So i have 7 accounts. 6 tax sheltered (3 each for my wife and myself that are tax sheltered) and one open joint account.

This section asks me in what years do i want to draw from each account?

Fair enough but i have no idea!

So my two questions?

1) if i enter nothing what does the default setting do? (I have searched the website, the manual etc and there is no information that i can see about this).
2) I was hoping to do a steady draw down of all of the accounts during retirement so wasn't trying to drain one account and then move onto another. not sure the best way to do this. Perhaps just put in the years starting from retirement to expected age of death?

Any information would be appreciated on this.



dan royer's picture

#1 The "implement portfolios" grid under portfolio choice is set to "default" unless you change it. So if you did nothing, it would implement the default portfolio in all years on all accounts.

#2 You would then build one portfolio for the Regular Assets, one or the one spouse and one for the other spouse if married. You'd then just fill that implement grid with the appropriate portfolio for all years down the column. So there are always the three pools of money, but you could if you wanted indicate, for example, one portfolio build for each pool of money up to a certain year then switch the asset allocation balance for the portfolios at some year in the future.

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