Monte Carlo bug in latest version?

My Standard of Living results have previously made sense, or at least I didn't notice that they didn't.

The recent Monte Carlo change has my standard of living often better with a Very Low Return vs. a Low Return. Every now and then, a High Return has a better standard of living than a Very High Return. I do have a significant bond allocation, if that matters.

It makes it difficult to root for an outcome :-)


dan royer's picture

I'm not sure what's up for that average return, why it isn't smooth, but these are trajectories, so the percentile ranking applies to the entire column, that is the entire life thread of that return. It may be higher or lower than other columns in any one or short set of years, but taking the entire column into account, you want to be on the right side not the left.

The average changes because I set a declining cost of living for when my wife turned 70.

Yes, I'm hoping to be on the right side rather than the left. Our heirs wish the same :-)

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