Modeling Substantially equal Periodic Payments

First off, this is a great program! I wish I had it when I was 20 or 30.

But now that I'm pushing 50, I find myself now in a situation where I've over-saved for 401k, and under-saved for "regular assets." I'm thinking of early retirement, but the imbalance between regular and retirement assets makes results in an inability for ESPlanner to smooth my consumption.

I'm thinking that the SEPP exception for early 401k withdrawals might do the trick here. Is it possible to model this in ESPlanner? I see the "Special Withdrawals" tab on the Retirement Accounts dialog. Would that be the place? Or is it going to apply a penalty to pre 59 1/2 withdrawals?



dan royer's picture

Yes, that's the place. ESPlanner will not disallow you to start making withdraws before age 59, but it's up to you to model it correctly so they are equal etc. and meet IRS rules.

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