Medicare Part B Premium Error?


Thanks for the great improvements to ESPlanner!
I've notice what I think are two errors.
• In ESP ver 2.33 the medicare premium when my spouse dies, 3 years before me, should be 50% of our joint premium but it is not. It's only reduced by 30% expect the last year of my life when it drops to 1/2.
• I also noticed that for 2016 the premium is $127 higher than the actual $104.90 premium/person/month. How was this calculated? it increases in 2017 and beyond to $121.79/person/month
James Mavrogenis


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I know it's based on income two years prior, but there are thresholds etc. that I'm not sure about (though the software is). I'll ask someone who knows the math better than me to respond.

Please open a ticket and upload your database. I'll look into it.

Mike, I uploaded my database & opened a support ticket yesterday. It was assigned to Dan by default and I could not see how to change that.

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Mike sent an internal note indicating he had fixed something in the code related to this issue James. I believe it will show up in another release within the next week.

The Medicare premuims in 2031 and 2032 are fixed in ESPlanner Version 2.33.1.

The problem wtth the 2016 premium is caused by your data entry, which I think may be in error. Please see your support ticket for details.

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