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In my PDF report under Total Spending, the amount for Medicare Part B is $1,292. Since I have not yet filed for Social Security, I pay $134/month for Part B, so shouldn't the yearly total be $1,608? (I have ESPlanner Plus, version 2.34.1.) Thanks.


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I believe that Part B is based on the previous two years of earnings. So make sure your earnings history in SS past history is correct. There's also an update to ESPlanner coming very soon, and that may have some impact on this amount, but I'm not sure about that.

Many thanks for the prompt response. Please note the following statement on Medicare's website ( "The standard Part B premium amount in 2017 is $134 (or higher depending on your income)." I appreciate your help and look forward to the ESPlanner update.

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Yes, Mike says this Medicare B will be updated when the new release comes out.

Dan, I just ran version 2.35.0 and sorry but I found that the Medicare Part B premiums are not correct.
In 2015 our joint gross income - on which the 2017 premium is based - was less than $170,000. Since we've been collecting SS benefits for many years, our premium increase is limited to the amount of COLA we receive. In our case that's a joint premium of $222/month. ESPlanner is calculating $262.58/month for 2017 and then it increases to $267.92/month in future years.
James Mavrogenis

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I'll ask the programmers James. Thanks.

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