Meaning of Negative Regular Assets

On the Regular Assets report (mine attached), what/where are negative Regular Assets created from? I presumed this column represents a running total value of regular assets. Debt?


dan royer's picture

Yes, you shouldn't see negative regular asset balance like that unless you have indicated in the Assumptions area that you are willing to go into debt. Otherwise the lowest it goes is $0.

I appreciate your attempt, but for this report I have "Maximum indebtedness" set at 0.

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Well, then that doesn't make sense to me. You could create a support ticket and attach your database to that ticket and I could take a look.

I wonder if you are opening an old report or a report from a different profile somehow.

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I also have this issue and have the indebtedness set to 0.

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I'd have to see the database (in support ticket) to see what's going on. I can't think of a reason other than allowed max debt for why the regular asset column would show a negative number.

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