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I’m curious about MaxiFi Planner. Unless I’m missing something, I can’t sign up on any sort of trial basis, but I don’t know if it will handle some of the things that affect my finances. There is a website page that offers a feature comparison, which makes it sound like MaxiFi does everything ESPlanner does, with a couple of exceptions, but it doesn’t offer much detail.

Here are a few of things that I depend on with ESPlanner. Can I do these with MaxiFi?

1. Enter a series of future annuity payments, specifying which are taxable and which are not.

2. Run a scenario where my discretionary spending is reduced annually by, say, 1%.

3. Specify a prediction as to when and by what amount my social security benefits will be reduced.

4. Specify a prediction as to when and by what amount my taxes will increase.



dan royer's picture

Yes, MaxiFi can now do all those things. I assume by #1 you mean that you enter those as special receipts. It handles things like ESPlanner in that regard.

Yes, that's what I meant, in regard to annuity payouts. Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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