Max Social Security Benefit considered ?

I just read in an article that the maximum monthly benefit for social security in 2015 at retirement age 66 is $2663. I will be 66 in 5 years and am planning to start my benefit then. I looked in my Social Security report and it shows a value greater than 2663 after year 2020 which I expected since my understanding is the amount will be increased by my assumed inflation rate each year after the current year.

But this led me to wonder if ESPlanner somehow estimates the maximum allowed monthly or annual benefit received in a future year and, if so, whether it uses it as a ceiling so that this maximum is not exceeded when calculating and displaying the benefit amount in the reports. If ESPLanner does not consider this I would be concerned that the number might be too high (likely exceeding max allowed benefit).

Can you verify whether ESPlanner insures a Social Security benefit displayed in a future year would not exceed an estimated maximum allowed amount for that year?




Yes, we ensure that the calculated Social Security benefit does not exceed the estimated maximum benefit.

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