Less Amount of Asset Income Not Reinvested -- misunderstanding or bug?

Am I misunderstanding the calculations resulting from the value (Assets & Saving / Current Saving) "Less amount of asset income not reinvested" or is this a bug? When I enter a value ranging from 0 to 999 "Equals current saving" calculation seems correct; e.g., 16777 - 999 = 15778. But entering a value not reinvested over three digits returns wrong results; eg. 16777 - 2345 = 16775.


dan royer's picture

That seems like a bug to me and I will report it. Keep in mind, however, that this will not change your discretionary spending calculation. The only place such a change is revealed is in the Current Year report where it is simply reconciling what you are are doing with what is recommended for that current year.

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