Import social security earnings

Is there documentation on how to import "Past Covered earnings" in ESPlanner.
I do have an account.
What are the steps to use the "Paste Earnings Data from"
I keep getting the message "Could not find data to import."
Thank you


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When you are at the past covered earnings screen at make sure you "copy all" (CTL-A). Don't just select the table. Select the whole darn screen--everything. I know that's counter intuitive, but that's how they designed the paste function to work. So CTL-A (select all), then CTL-C to copy it to clipboard, then return to the ESPlanner input area and click that import earnings button.

I have the same problem as posted by Submitted by Tom. tweisz on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 14:15. I can't figure how to import Social Security data. I've done it with the SSPlanner, but with ESPlanner, I can't do a paste.

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I believe the thing is that you have to copy all, not just copy the table over at

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