I'm moving my data to a new computer. Which files need to be moved and where are they located?


Trying to find the data base file names & location


Old computer dies so I need to move the data base files to a new computer. What are the files that need to be moved and where are they located.


Go to Help> About> Options. That will show you where the files are stored. You need your *.mdb database file. If you didn't rename it or save it as a copy with a different name, that's ESPDatabase.mdb.

If you have the version that supports Monte Carlo simulations and you created custom investments, also copy those custom investment files which can be found in the "..\private" sub-directory of your data folder.

The data folder can be located by the same method as above. It's specified in the "Monte Carlo Assets" field. You needn't copy the contents of the default or dfa folders. Those will be created when you reinstall ESP on the new computer.

If you want to you can copy the contents of the reports folder but you can always regenerate those.

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Thanks Chris!

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