I can't get the software to include my spousal benefit

My spouse is 69 and I am 67. I am currently getting spousal benefits and will get my increased benefit when I am 70. My spouse will get his benefit when he turns 70 this year. I put in my current monthly benefit and checked that I have filed for benefits but it did not include those benefits. I also left that out and told it to include the suspension, but didn't get any spousal benefits. How can I tell the software to include my spousal benefit? (I have uploaded both of our historical earnings) Thank you.


dan royer's picture

The settings there can be complex. Don't confuse "benefits" with "spousal benefits." So if you are getting your spousal benefit now, don't indicate that you are currently getting your "benefit." No, you are getting your "spousal benefit." If you play with it and can't figure it out, create a support ticket and upload your database and I can probably figure it out. Obviously you must have your earnings history copied in the Past Earnings area.

You have to include past covered earnings, not just your current retirement benefit, to allow ESPlanner to calculate spouse's benefits off of your record.

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