How to Set Up a 72t?

I'd like to set up a 72t annuitization of some of my retirement assets. I've allocated a percentage in the Smooth Withdrawal window. I left everything to their default values in the Choice of Annuity screen. I changed the load to 0% in the Assumptions screen because I wouldn't be using a broker for this (I would be dealing directly with Vanguard).

I'd like the annuity to start when I'm 53 and then stop when I'm 60. How would I set that up? So far, I've only been able to set up the annuity to run out near then end of my life. I'd like it to stop sooner.

Which calculation method does ESP use for a 72t annuity? The Help section says that ESP automatically calculates the annuity based on prevailing government mortality probabilities, but which one of the IRS methods does it use, if any?



dan royer's picture

I think you can use a 72t calculator at a place like and then enter those as special withdrawals from age 53-60, and then start smooth withdrawls. That calculator will, I believe, let you choose whichever method you want.

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