How is retirement asset income calculated

I don't quite understand how this calculation works. I entered 6% nominal return for retirement accounts, but on the Retirement Accounts Report the amount looks like 3% or less. 1st line is as follows:
Retirement asset income: 3300, EE Contribution 9500; ER Contribution 9500, Retirement savings 22300, and retirement assets 135,600. Next year's asset income is 3950.


If you have a 6% rate of return and 3% inflation, your "real" or inflation adjusted dollars grow by around 3% annually in "real" terms (actually 2.913%).

The "real" return is what ESPlanner uses for all figures in the reports. This way you can easily compare if your standard of living in 2015, 2035, etc. are equivalent.

This is probably what you are seeing.


Of course - I should have figured that out.

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