How to Paste Returns from Excel to New Asset?

The directions have a "link" to get the asset return data from another source but it doesn't work. So, I want to copy and paste from excel the yearly returns of new assets so I don't have to manually enter them. I can't find in the directions how to do this. Can you tell me, please?


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I'm sorry, I can't see or recall a "link" to import return history to create a new monte carlo asset. As far as I know, you have to manually enter each year.

From page 34. "Thus, we have a spreadsheet you can use [linked here] to get the data based on readily available numbers from Morningstar, Yahoo, or your fund prospectus"

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Ah, sorry. That needs to be removed. We have changed the way MC assets are created. You do that in the user interface of the program now. So you'll need to get the history of returns from or or your fund source and manually enter the rate of return for each year. Sorry for the confusion. I'll get that manual updated.

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