How to model moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

How would you suggest modeling in 12 years selling our primary home and using the proceeds to use as the entrance fee (which would then be 90% refundable at our deaths to our estate)for a CCRC. We would also have a monthly maintenance fee. It is not a "purchase" nor is it exactly a "rental" given the refund of the entrance fee (or "downpayment").


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I can't think of a way to really do that without our contingent planning module. We'll be adding that at some point. Soon I hope.

For now I'd do a change of home and switch to "rent." Then I'd use special expenses or receipts to model what happens after that.


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Or perhaps a second change of home in the year you die? I'd have to play with that a bit, but perhaps that gives you a lead?

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