How many "Ask A Question " pages

The "Ask A Question" page, at the bottom, shows 6 pages. But only page 1 has any content. Is that correct or are the other pages "missing"?


If you hover your mouse over those "2 3 4..." links, you can see the URL says "" so it's just putting you back on page 1. Use the "Next>>" link until they fix that.

That's broken, too. Search works but that doesn't help with simple browsing to learn something new.

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Hmm. That's a weird thing to break. OK. I hope that doesn't eat up my morning! :) Ugh.

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There was a filter option to only view "unseen" content. Since many of you have viewed all the content, the page or view was blank. I removed that filter since the top right block, NEW CONTENT, already reveals unread content.

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