How do I Optimize Retirement Account Withdrawal Start Dates


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ESPlanner does not have an optimization algorithm for sub-program for optimization of start dates. It's just trial and error. MaxiFi Planner, the web-based version, does have this feature. You can use some trial and error by pushing that start date into the future to see if raises your discretionary spending.


Interesting. Is this a short term situation, or are existing ESPlanner users expected to migrate to Maxifiplanner to get this feature?

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Yes, all the new development is in MaxiFi except for normal updates and bug fixes. When you postpone the start date past age 70 you are left with RMD at that point. In some cases this will cause borrowing constraint and create model that is not practical because all the spending is pushed way out in the future even if the model is, in theory, a higher present value over the lifetime. But for others, they have enough retirement assets as well as non-retirement assets that the non-retirement assets can be used while putting off the retirement assets. You can just set the start date to age 80 to see what happens to the spending pattern.

Thanks Dan. I'll need to get familiar with MaxiFi so when next I'm asked to renew ESPlanner I'll decide accordingly.

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