How do I enter a variable annuity?

My husband has a variable annuity from his employer. The annuity screen appears to consider only fixed annuities. How can I enter this asset?


I am referring to the "Choice of Annuity" tab in the Retirement Assets section in my previous question. But I'm also wondering how that screen interacts with the information on the Annuities tab of the Pensions and Annuities section, which seems to be somewhat duplicative.

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There's no way to enter an annuity that will respond dynamically (with variance). Instead enter the annuity and assume some given return. If you believe it will keep pace with inflation, and inflation is set at 3%, then enter the growth of the annuity at 3% and so forth. Inflation varies of course too, but we assume an average over time--you'll need to do the same with the annuity.

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