How do I copy the contents of a profile

I would like to do some what-if scenarios such as "what-if I don't have a pension." I'd like to do this without erasing any data, thus the reason to create a new profile and erase some data from it to see the result.


Open ESP and click once on the profile you'd like to copy (to select it). On the second level menu at the top of the screen, select Save As from the Create Financial Profiles box.

Change the "To a new profile" to give the new profile whatever name you'd like. Then Click the Copy button.

Once you have a new profile you can modify it as you wish from the original base. When you go to Create Reports, you can also add some text information about what's unique in this profile in the "Note for front page of PDF Report" box to help keep the scenarios easily identified.

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Yes, I typically "right click" on the profile name in the menu tree at left and choose the save as option. It will clone that profile. I keep a "benchmark" profile and then create clones of it to create the what if scenarios.

Thank you, Joe and Dan. John

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