How about adding a non-spousal inherited IRA field?

It would be nice if ESPlanner allowed an input for non-spousal inherited IRA's. Is this something that might be considered in the future? It seems like it would be easy enough to do - just add the decendents date of death and then the account balance. Currently I have to manually input RMD's for clients under 70 1/2 or for those who have an inherited Roth.


Just commenting as I have the same issue w/ non-spousal inherited IRA (but as a non-professional user in his 40's).

Seems that manually inputting the RMDs from an on-line calculator (based on whichever rate of return you input into the calculator) is indeed the best way to handle them.

So, consider this another request for a feature that handled such IRAs separately and calculated/populated the RMDs for each year based on whatever formula the online calculators use (although I have no idea how easy it would be to implement).


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Yes, there's some new work going on in MaxiFi Planner that will at some point accommodate these inherited IRAs and their reporting. I don't believe, however, that those features will make it to ESPlanner. See this document:

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I've switched to MaxiFi and find it strange that I have to come back here to find a user forum. In any event, as of summer 2021 still no progress on this in MaxiFi as nearly as I can tell. One problem with treating a non-spousal inherited IRA as if it were an ordinary IRA and then putting in the distributions as special distributions is that this screws up the RMD calculations for other IRAs with overlapping RMD periods. I'm wondering if I can work around this by inputing the inherited IRA as a 10 year annuity instead. THoughts?

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