Gender and Marriage switchable?


I just downloaded and installed the update 2.28.0 and was disappointed to see that I still can't seem to change the gender and marriage status on my profile. When I originally set up the profile I selected 2 males and then couldn't select married. Then the program changed my partner to female and now it is all locked down and can't change gender or marital status. Any help would be appreciated.



The current version does address the issue you describe as it will retain each person's sex as entered and allows married to be selected. But this is only on creation of a new family in the standard and Plus versions. The program uses marital status when creating some of it's data and data structures so it could be problematic to change after the profile is built.

So here are a couple options:
1. Create a new family and rebuild your profile from scratch using the old profile as reference.

2. Create a support ticket and attach your database file (likely ESPDatabase.mdb) to the ticket. Then I can attempt to get under the hood and change the sex and marital status fields. I would then attach the updated database to the ticket and you could download and use it.


I have a family where the partners are not married. I'd like to see the difference in the various profiles if they get married - for example, life insurance, taxes, etc. Is there is more straightforward way to do this rather than creating a new family and recopying everything over from the profiles from the other (partnered) family? Would love to save a good chunk of time on this! Thanks, Jay.

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No, there's no way to do that in ESPlanner other than build a new profile.

However, in MaxiFi, (and I think your firm will be moving over to MaxiFi when we complete the MC and contingent planning) you can toggle between married and partnered. Note you cannot toggle between single/divorced/widowed and married/partnered in MaxiFi.


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