First change of home

I entered a change of first home (primary), but the reports do not reflect the result I expected. Our current home is (sadly) not appreciating so I entered a negative appreciation rate to offset the inflation rate. So the value of the current home should remain stable. I anticipate we will downsize, with the future home costing $150,000 less than our current home. I expected to see the $150,000 reflected somehow (when I divested our vacation home in ESPlanner, it showed the sale as negative spending). Also, the reports doubled the Housing expenses on the reports, for the year of the sale. (Thanks for the prompt responses!)


dan royer's picture

Note that the appreciation rate for the home that you adjusted is "real appreciation rate." Thus, leaving it at 0% (real) means that it keeps pace with inflation, say 3%. So that means your home value is gaining 3% per year, thus staying even with inflation. I'd have to see the report to follow exactly, but the housing report should reflect the net sale--less the commission you have set 6%? in Assumptions. I agree that sometimes that accounting can be difficult to follow. Sometimes it has helped me to create a new fake profile and make it really simple and in this case sell a 200K home and move to a 125K home. Set the commission to 0% at first and read the simple report. Then add the commission again and look again at the report. That might help you understand what to look for in the report. Does this help?

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