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I saved a .mdb file to my desktop, how do I import it to the main program to that it appears in the list of models available to work with under "Families" in the main screen?


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Well, you can either just open the database directly and it will be opened in ESPlanner (just like double-clicking a word.doc opens in Word). Or you can place that database in some location you want to keep it in, and then you can use Tools/Options to make that new database your default so that it opens automatically when you open ESPlanner.

Thanks Dan. I tried moving the .mdb file to the default address that appears in Tools/Options, when I did it seemed to show the Excel and PDF files but not the .mdb. None of the other .mdb files deem to be there either. are the .mdb files in another directory? I would like to see all of my models in one area so I can modify my 2015 file and save it there as 2016 Planning. When I open my model from the desktop it will open but has trouble upgrading to the lastest version of ESPlanner.

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Maybe I'm a little confused about what you mean by "import." You can't merge two databases--at least I don't know a way of doing so although perhaps a database programmer could do so. So then, each database contains its own family or set of families and their profiles. A second database (i.e., an .MDB file)contains its own families and profiles. You can open one; then you can open the other. You can have multiple databases (.mdb files) but one of them is chosen as the default in Tools/Options.

So when you say, "it showed the PDF files but not the .mdb" I'm confused.

There's no need to think of them as 2015 files vs 2016 files. You just have your .mdb file (the database) and you open it either directly or as the default. It updates as the years go by.

Try again, or perhaps I'll have to have you give me a call.

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